Monday, 11 March 2013

Orkoid Air Superiority

Hello All

I've now finished the last of my models for the upcoming SVA XIII, my dakkajet, "Da Flying Squig".
If you're contemplating your own Ork fighta/bomma for the first time then the best advice I can give is that it is quite a large model and there's a lot of painting on this baby! Now I'm not a quick painter by any means, I like to take my time with just about everything I paint but my Ork paint scheme is far quicker to complete than, for example, my marine paint scheme. So after building this model, which uses components from 2 bomma kits, I realised I would have to treat it like I would any other large Ork vehicle, there was no way I was gonna paint it in a weekend as I would a dread or buggy. So first up I decided against a "red paint job", rules wise it doesn't need it and I also wanted to paint it as fresh out of da meks workshop and hurtling into the fray with some of it's welds still cooling!
The first step then in my vehicle paint scheme (this applies to all my ork vehicles with no visible krew fixed in place) is to paint all the plates and mechanical bits in the full range of metallic shades I possess, so as to give the impression of a patchwork of looted scrap from a wide range of sources. I select one paint at a time and paint random sections and plates in that colour, repeat for the 8 metallic shades in my collection. The resulting metallic base coats look like this.........

The areas which are still black undercoat will be painted in maily red, white or black, the primary colours of Waaaaggghh! Bluddtoof, or they will carry Bluddtoofs logo, the red and white teeth on a black background. A few of the other ares will be painted in a random selection of bright primary shades, again to suggest random looted parts.
The next step though is to wash all the metallic areas with a succession of ink washes, in series I use Ogryn Flesh, Gryphonne Sepia, Devlan Mud and Badab Black, of couse these are from GWs old paint range, from the new range I would use their equivalents.
I apply the second and subsequent washes in smaller and smaller quantities whilst the previous wash is still wet, this allows the colours to blend together in a patchy fashion and once dry gives a very dirty, flat look to the metal as seen here....

Next I'll paint all the red areas, this starts with a base coat of the old foundation paint mechrite red followed by layers of mephiston red and finally a baal red wash. Once that's done all the other panels and gubinz wil be painted in a variaty of bright primary colours and washed with the relevant shades.
The last step is a fresh coat of black on the panels which will carry the tooth pattern, followed by the painting of the teeth themselves.
This is the plane complete with glyphs, transfers, the pilot and windscreen (which were painted seperately) and finished base.........

So that's it, Waaaagggghhhhh! Bluddtoof is all done and ready to hit SVA XIII. Hope to see many of you there and Crump you all to bits!!



  1. Quality Boss, loving the paint job on this, can't wait to see it in the flesh, seriously good mate.

  2. This is looking Really, REALLY good dude, really nice job as always :) Hope it kills some beakies for you at SVA :)

    Particularly liking the frontal checks on the wings *yes*

  3. That looks amazing. looks like you are ready for SVA

  4. Very shiny Boss, liking the checks.

  5. "Bombs Away, Dam it that was grot not a bomb boss. Idiot still weez kan kill em all looking shiney and new!"

    Ace Job Well Done