Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Necron Triarch Stalker

Hi All,

Just before xmas i put the finishing touches to my triarch stalker and in the process learnt a clear lesson!

So firstly i hope you like the paint job im pretty happy and it matches up nicely with some of the previous work ive done.  This was my main concern with at least 6 months between this and the last time i painted crons.  Luckily (tip spoiler alert!) i had the foresight to make up two pots of the grey paint which is a self mix so i didnt have to remember how to make the colour!

So a clear lesson was mentioned in the intro...  So can you spot what is missing??
If you can then my error is clear, but if you can't then heres an explanation.  I decided in my infinite wisdom not to put the pilot in cockpit when i built the stalker thinking it would be easier to paint before puting him in.  Well it turns out yes it is easier to paint before putting it in but then i could not get him in the seat properly! Specifically the spine part which attaches to the machine in three separate places.  So after turning the air blue i simply gave up with that piece!!  So the moral of the story MEN of the world is follow the instructions!!  At minimum read them!
At the end of this cautionary tale i conclude this post.....
Thats all folks

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