Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Marine Reinforcements

After seeing Boss Bluddtoofs marine additions I felt I should also get mine up on the blog too.

here is Khan. i just need to do a base with a  bike on for him to go on, should (as he normally is) take Moondakkan


i got him before i got hold of the new marine codex and saw how great white scars are. good job i have all those bikes!!

next up is Kantor. a slight improvement in the new codex

i am always out on the hunt for a bargain

3 tactical squads
dev squad
10 terminators
assault squad
4 scouts all for £69

a pretty good deal for the sake of a bit of stripping and re modeling

from it i could make 3 tactical squads (different weapon load outs)
a 10 man assault squad (need a plasma pistol for sarg but that is it)
5 normal stormbolter terminators (squad fillers)
5 lightening claw terminators (need shoulder pads)
4 scouts with BP and CC

and 8 marines towards another tactical squad

some pics:

Finally my last 3 speeders to be painted up

and a rash purchase because i like the model

he will be used as a servitor for my inquisitors (rest of van saar gang to be bought!)

Finally my thoughts on the new marine codex.......AMAZING

character fluff good rules and best of all no significant change to the models i have.

looks like more kits to be bought in the next few weeks

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  1. Nice work on the Marine characters, the metallics look really good.