Friday, 4 October 2013

Sons of Horus - Abaddon & Loken

Another mini update
This time i've just finished assembling Abaddon & Loken.
On Abaddon, I went for the sword & not the TL Bolter as I think it just looks better, it also suits the scene a lot better in my opinion. They are excellent models and were easy to assemble with not a great deal of flash or air bubbles which the Justaerins suffered from. The hardest thing with these guys is making sure when you glue the heads they are in the right place, in terms of how they fit on the complete piece. The last thing you want is them engaging each other but looking in completely the wrong directions!
Hopefully I've managed to capture them staring lovingly into each others eyes!
Till next time
Luko Dakka

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