Monday, 2 January 2017

Dismember December - Slaughterpriest

Showcase - Dismember December
by Luko Dakka

Here is my take on Dismember December, although joking with the others, it should really be for New Years Evil as I was finishing this guy off on the eve of 2017.
Painting wise I used the airbrush for priming, base colours and the first and second highlight, enough to allow me to go in and do the detail work, edge highlighting.
Had a little blast with non-metallic metal, experimenting with a darker gold as it suits Chaos quite well I think. I simply use a great colour Vallejo Japanese Uniform, mixed in a little black and worked up to white. The red was done by painting black to white and then glazing thinned mephiston red over the top. The skin was Vallejo Heavy brown, highlighted by simply adding more white, a shade of umber wash was then applied to tone it down a bit and then a mix of tank brown and heavy brown was added to give a bit of depth to the muscles.

The base is cork for the rock and a fine detail filler was used between for the lava. This was airbrushed with Vallejo Italian Red, Hot Orange, Gold Yellow, Sunburst Yellow & the hottest spots with Ice Yellow/white. The rock was drybrushed Vallejo Black Grey and Light Grey and mephiston red slightly round the inner edges.
I really enjoyed painting this and it was nice having the freedom of a one off miniature to paint.
This has got me itching to get started on a neglected Silver Tower Boxed Set so that may pop up at some time.
Until next time
Luko Dakka

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