Saturday, 6 February 2010

Completed Tomb King Ushabti

Well I've finished my first Ushabti and did my usual thing of starting off painting a unit and ending up painting one of the models just to see how it would turn out.
Brief run down of how i painted the model (Yes I'm not the worlds best painter!).

Blue areas started with a wash of Necron Abyss, followed by a heavy dry brush of hawk turquoise. I then added white and progressively dry brushed lighter. Its important that each time you have less and less paint on the brush.

Gold Areas, First a burnished gold base coat followed by a wash of skaven brown ink. I then line painted burnished gold over the top taking care to leave the recesses darker, finally i highlighted with shining gold on the edges.

Skin areas were base coated with charadon granite and then simply dry brushed by adding dheneb stone to the base coat picking out the raised areas. A final highlight was applied of dheneb stone to the finger bones and other highly prominent areas.

Robed areas were first washed with a 50/50 mix of skaven brown ink and devlan mud wash. This was then dry brushed with Khemri Brown (aptly named colour!) I then layered a very watery coat of bleached bone on the top taking to leave the recessed areas. Finally i highlighted the edges with a bleach bone and white mix.

Any advice to improve the model would be greatly received and if i can help any one else with their models give me a shout.


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