Friday, 8 June 2012

Sister's Repentia - Resplendent Rachel

So here we are at the final stage of completing one of my Repentia. Another 9 to go! I repainted the metal parts and bought the new ink "Nuln Oil" from GW to see if it helped with defining the metal areas on the model. It's come out ok, although i might try painting those areas black as the base on my next ladies. For the detail of the model i rehighlighted the blue areas and touched up the flesh as it needed smoothing out. Didn't really want her charging across the battle field with what looked like some sort of pox ;-) Then i created the litanies with a fine brush to the white cloth. I think this has enhanced the model. I'll try this on the others and add a few extra details if i can. A quick base colour and there you have it. Sister Rachel. Do you think she will repent her sins and join her fellow sisters in her old battle squad? Happy painting, Trevdog.

1 comment:

  1. Trev, Looking good, I like the blue and the tabard with scripture on it. Only thing i dont like and not sure if its the photo is the metal on the chainsaw looks rough? Painted Thunderwolf coming this weekend.