Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Space Wolves, Desk Tidy and Total Distraction

Hi all,

Doc here,

Slight problem today and over last couple of weeks called FOCUS.  So am I like all hobbyists and tend to jump from one thing to another?  My last post consisted of my work in progress Necrosphinx, which I will post  up soon as it has to be finished by the end of the month.

In the mean time I did some useful stuff like clipping all my sprues out.  Do you guys keep all your spares??  Well I do but got fed up of them taking up too much space!!!  They are now all sorted in to army types using business card holders.

So I also got a game against the Necrons bringing the space wolves out for the first time in just over a year.  Doing that put me in space wolf mood and this was the result:

As well as the fact that the necrosphinx needs finishing I also decided I need to finish Hypa's converted Casket of Souls for our large Warhammer game at the end of June.

So this brings me back to the start again FOCUS.  So the plan is to paint a Space Wolf Thunderwolf for next Sunday night so I can use as a Wolf Lord for the night.  This will also allow me to play fully painted.  Next up Necrosphinx and finally Casket of Souls by 23rd June.  Hopefully by setting myself deadlines ill work to this and NOT start something else? In addition it will hopefully give some nice pics of new minis to show you guys!

Thats All Folks

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