Sunday, 17 June 2012

Paladin Update

well with all the sitting down and watching the football gives me loads of time to paint (multi-tasking)

and at last an update! i have done a fair bit on the paladins

they are all washed now and helmets/weapons base coated.

7 have moved on a bit further with some highlighting and some washes

this is pretty much a complete one. a few more details and highlights to finish him off

there i so much detail on the newer models. as i am painting old metal ones and the new plastic the difference between them is huge.

also this is my idea for the banner

the other squad has a red border. i think i will pick the detail out in non-metallic gold not sure how it will work but you can only try.

and finally getting my daughter involved

she is calling it Mulan as it is a girl dressed as a boy warrior......she is starting the princess chapter

edit: due to using XP and IE7 i am having difficulties uplaoding pics at the moment i will add later


  1. Toonboy,

    You are getting so much better dude fair play. I particularly like the tabbard and the face. The base is crying out for some static grass. On the metal just try and get a fine line highlight. I would use mithrill silver and white mix but dont know what paints you use.



  2. Is that assault marine Wearing a holosuit lol
    Love the princess chapter!
    As for your gay knights they look pretty cool, have a go at some lighting on the force weapons there's great tutorials on YouTube for them

  3. Guys,

    yes i have to base the guys yet but will do that toward the end. i have already highlighted up to mithril silver.

    i try and keep palette and highlighting small as i can get too messy with colours etc. i know my own limits and what you see is it! same really from lightening on pblades i think iwill get too messy with it and rather just have subitle highlights at the moment