Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Showcase; Forgemas 14; Eldar Corsair Hornet

Hi All

At last, after a mere 3 months, my Eldar corsair Hornet is finished.
I must say I've enjoyed this project immensely, apart from the water effects fiasco of course, but even that led to a much better base in the end.
It bodes well for the rest of the army I'll be building and painting that I've enjoyed the paint scheme and I've learnt some stuff whilst doing it and also improved my method since I developed the scheme on the test figure. I'm looking forward to it a great deal.
Here's some pics of the finished model...

I say it's finished but in truth it's not quite complete; I want the army to have a symbol which will be some form of stylised scorpion or possibly just the tail. My Corsair Band are called the Scions of the Scorpion; their back story being that the Corsair Prince and his Bladesworn Retinue were at one time Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors, hence the green and yellow colour scheme and the fact that I will be converting striking scorpions to represent my HQs.
Anyway back to the symbol, or lack thereof, I haven't nailed down the design yet so I'll be leaving all the models without varnish and I'll come back to them all once I'm happy with the symbol.

So my next project will be some scenery for an upcoming Code 40K event; Worcester War IV, more on that in later posts, and then back to finishing off my Imperial Knight Freeblade.

Hope you like what I've done with the Hornet, c and c as ever is most welcome.



  1. Very nice Bluddtoff! The base is so well done. I also like how clean the hornet is, though as a critique, creating some tonal variance in the panels might help break up the surface a bit. (in the future). Very thin glazes or washes could help with that, or doing some pre shading on the surfaces in the future.

    That being said, it is a very nice contrast with that grimy base...but I'm biased cause I love bases and grimy things!

  2. Thanks Greg. I take your point about the panels, there I some yellow highlighting on the panel edging but even in the flesh it's much more subtle than on the test figure and it hadn't picked up I the photos at all. I will be going more bold with that on the future vehicles. Next unit will be the first corsair jet pack squad.

    1. I figured it was partially the photo! Mini's always look better in person cause you can see all the subtle work the painter put into them.

  3. Great stuff Boss!
    i love the bold colour and the chrispness of how you have painted it.
    i can't wait to see a table full of these guys

    1. Cheers Dude. That's a way off yet though. I'm building and painting unit by unit to fill lists, starting at 750.