Monday, 9 February 2015

Forgemas 14; Eldar Corsair Hornet, WIP

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with another WIP post on my Eldar Corsair Hornet. This model seams to be taking forever to paint but I've finally got the yellow-white shading done on it, now it's just the green armour plating and the gems to do before a final few touches. Hopefully I'll only need a couple more weeks.

So here's a few piccies...

I'm really pleased with the shading compared to the test corsair I painted a while back, it matches well and considering the areas involved are significantly larger it looks ok. In total it's made from 14 shades; starting with averland sunset through yriel yellow to flash gitz yellow then adding more and more white to flash gitz til I got a just off white for the final edging. The pilots seat I stopped at shade number 11 cos I was happy with the colour. I think it's come out a little more lemony than the corsairs weapon, see here for the relevant post, and I like it, the trick now will to remain consistent across the rest of the army. Eventually there'll be a Revenant Titan in these colours! That'll be a challenge, I may need to invest in an airbrush at that point.

Next step is the green plating with its yellow highlighting.
Hope you like it so far, c and c welcome as always. More to come soon.....



  1. That's a really nice blend with the yellows. IT's a lot of shades, but it definitely looks really lovely and smooth in the photos!

  2. Thanks :) Worth the effort I think. I've got the base coat of green on the underside now and it really makes the yellow/white stand out. I'll be posting that soon.

  3. Mate
    This is looking excellent. Can't wait to see it in the flesh... so to speak. But not at the end of its guns lol.
    Great job as always.