Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Forgemas 14, Eldar Corsair Hornet, More Progress...

Hi All

Done some more work on my now severely delayed Forgemas entry, my Eldar Corsair Hornet.

Above is the overall progress, following are a few shots of the details..

Two shots of the underside which is now complete apart from a little work inside the exhaust ports.
The second shot is with a flash, which brings out the yellow highlights on the green plating a little more.

And a few shots of the hornet  so far on its base...

That's it for now, the work on the underside since the last post amounts to about 10 hours. Just the top side and some detailing work like gems and such like to do now so I should be done soon.

As ever c and c welcome...



  1. Crisp lines and smooth blending make this a WIP knockout, even before the cool base!

    Makes me look forward to my Eldar stuff once I get more Blood Angels done.. #SlowAndSteady

  2. Looks amazeballs blending is great, high contrast bright colours and overall has loads of character! Nice Work DOC