Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Forgemas 14; Eldar Corsair Hornet, WIP

Hi All

Just a quick update on the WIP of my Eldar Corsair Hornet; I've done most of the metallic bits, I decided to go a little darker than I'd originally tried on the test corsair, I'll see what I think once it's done as to whether I stick with it for the rest of the army.
Currently working on the yellow to bone white shading sections of the model, it's a long process, what you see below comprises 5 shades getting respectively lighter from a base of GW averland sunset, when finished it will shade right down to a bone white as on the muzzle of the test figures shuriken cannon.
You can see the post of the original test figure here.
Pics of the wip...

That's it for now, more to come soon.


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