Thursday, 15 January 2015

Forgemas 14, Eldar Corsair Hornet Update; Base Complete

Hi all

Bluddtoof here with another update on my Eldar Corsair Hornet; the base is now complete with the addition of the hunted Guardsman and his abandoned kit...

I painted the guardsman in muted colours so he wouldn't stand out too much, the Hornet is the main event here after all. I chose green, grey and brown shades as these will tie him into the base colours.

he's painted quite simply, with just simple highlights and washes.

I took a few shots with and without the flash and with a really strong light source off to one side too...

Hope you like it so far, I'm working on the hornet itself now, more to come soon..



  1. From disaster, back to awesome! What a rally!

  2. Thanks Greg, whilst remodelling it I had lots of ideas for further scenic bases for the army's other vehicles. So win win in the end!

    1. It is funny how that works. It is never funny at the time...but later you can sometimes see the silver lining out of a disaster.

      I royally screwed up magnetizing my deff dread, so waited for replacement arms. In that timeframe, I completely changed up my scheme. Had I successfully magnetized the deff dread, I would have had to repaint it!