Friday, 2 January 2015

Hobby Objectives 2014/2015

Hi all,

Doc here to set out my hobby objectives for the year and finalise my painting points for 2014.  Last year I didn't set any objectives but got 4 months into the year and realised my rate of buying was significantly outweighing my painting progress.  At this point I decided to introduce painting points from 1st April 2014 and finally blogged about it on the 10th May.  The original post can be seen here.

In a nutshell the introduction of painting points worked in terms of slowing down my spending! However, I still haven't been that productive imo on the painting side and I will explain why in more detail later.

From the 1st April 2014 to the end of the year I achieved the following:

27 X 25mm round base models ( 11 enforcers, 2 pts for 6 objective markers, 14 death guard marines)
1 X 40mm round base model painted ( Enforcer leader)
1 X 60mm round base model painted ( Thunderwolf Space Wolf Lord)
2 X Character models painted ( Inquisitor and Rune Priest)
3 X Tanks or bigger (Imperial Knight, Eldar flyer, Contemptor Dreadnought)

I note I have not showcased all the death guard stuff I've done something I will sort in the first few weeks of 2015.  All in all not a bad list you may say however, I started all of the following and not finished them:

Land speeder storm
5 scouts
5 sniper scouts
Forge fiend
Warp talons
SM bikes
2 X Drop pods
1 X manufactorum tile
2 X realm of battle tiles
Calas typhon

This list might not be exhaustive but it illustrates a clear problem no focus!  I blogged about this earlier in 2014.  So objectives for 2015 are to get some of the above finished!  I can rack a lot of painting points by finishing started projects.  This should then allow me to play some games with my death guard as space marines in 40K.

I also have a list of not started but purchased for 2015:

15 iron armour death guard marines.
Legion devastator squad
2 x storm talons
1 x tesseract ark
1 x storm wolf

I have two big things I would like to purchase in 2015 a spartan assault tank and a cerastus knight Acheron.  These will both require a significant number of painting points but I am aiming high.

Blog objectives are simple for me a minimum of 1 post a month from me I have worked out 5 blog posts based on upcoming projects and events.

Lastly gaming objectives for 2015:

2 more games in the return to code40k campaign
15 games of 40k
4 games of warhammer fantasy

I start 2015 with a -£23.50 hobby fund but I am confident this will turn round in short order.  I'm interested in particular what projects other code members intend to get after this year and in general how other hobbiests go about planning a hobby year.

That's all for now folks please comment with your thoughts?




  1. That is quite a list Doc! Talk about a productive year!

    I don't have any plans myself, just trying to finish some models so I can actually play at the LVO!

  2. I like lists Greg it's just another tool to keep me moving forward, good luck with the prep for Las Vegas