Thursday, 9 March 2017

Everybody's Blood Bowl Mad!!!

Hey guys and girls - Bristles here with a quick update on what's been going on in my hobby world recently. 
As per the title, it seems the Code have all gone Blood Bowl crazy and I've got the bug big time....

With my Dark Elf Core Team pretty much all finished I wanted to have a shot at doing some of the other models to represent my manager, apothecary etc so I began scouting around for suitable models. 

I figured the Dark Elf Scorceress model was an obvious choice for my Head Coach model...


For my Apothecary however I was a little more confused, that is until I saw something on a shelf and had a rather silly epiphany.....


The model is 'The Changling' from the AOS range but I replaced the plastic smoke with a slightly different effect after getting advice from Boss Bluddtoof and Inner Mech and how to go about it. Tbh I'm damn proud of how it's turned out and think he is one of my best, certainly one of my most enjoyable little projects. 

Anyway - here's a quick team photo to finish with


I've still got the Blood Bowl bug and have already decided on my next team build.....I'm just hoping it doesn't bleed me dry.................

Thanks for reading :) 



  1. Those look great, and you did an awesome job on the apothecary. Now you've got my wheels spinning for models to use for my Human team to represent coach and apothecary.

    1. Do it! There's so much fun to be had in Blood Bowl customisation.

  2. I love the magic sponge, have been searching for bloodbowl backroom staff myself for my orks, and while I have come up with some stuff I like eventually, I did see something I wanted far more... but it was a limited run model and could I track one down anywhere? Could I hell! At least your model uses an easy to find model as it's core therefore if anyone is inspired and wishes to copy it, they won't struggle to find the components they need :)

    1. Thanks - I didn't intentionally go looking for this model, I'd somehow not even paid it any attention when it was released but when I saw it sitting on the shelf in my local hobby store I knew exactly what to do with it. Just need cheerleaders now..

  3. It was cool to see these in the flesh on blood bowl day. I guess a few more positional players to do and as you say and outrageous cheerleader! The changeling idea was bonkers but has certainly worked overall top work fella

  4. Cheers Doc - yup just need to paint the few remaining positional players and I need to build a few more Linemen also really but other than that, I'm nearly there!