Sunday, 19 February 2017

Blood Bowl Orcs.... 1st Blitzer complete.

Hey All

Bluddtoof here with an update on my progress on my Blood Bowl Orc team; The Badland Brutalisers!

I've now finished the first Blitzer, here's a few pics...

Really pleased with this, tried  a few new things; used some tamiya paints I'd not tried before, they have an almost oily texture, which I found odd as they're acrylics, but the clear yellow lent itself nicely to the almost lacquered finish on the armour. I rarely paint yellow as it's a pig! And I've put a bit more attention into the base, trying to colour match it to the Orc side of the game board.
This team are going on hold for a little while now as I want to get my recently arrived Dwarves up and running for the code boys 1st day of BB early next month. But once they're done I'll come back to the Orcs and hopefully we'll have gobbos and a troll on the horizon too by then.

As ever c & c welcome



  1. Love it dude, interesting finish boss that yellow is very striking which is distinctive of your style. I really like the base match in. I think I would maybe scratch up the yellow a little bit on the punch dagger ends and shoulder pads using a sponge.

    1. Cheers dude. I agree on some sponge weathering

  2. Orks in yellow armor, best orks!