Thursday, 21 January 2016

40K Narrative Campaign 2016; "The Cypra Incident: Birth of the Beast of Cypra". An introduction to the Orks of Waaagh! Bluddtoof.

Hi All

So here's my first post in our series on the Narrative Campaign myself and Doc are playing this year. We hope to play our first session, which should cover the first 2 engagements in the conflict, sometime in February. As I'm writing this that gives me about a month to paint all the extra bits I'll need for those games. we're using a tree campaign system so that means 1 definite and 2 potential lists, the 2nd mission will be dependant on the outcome of mission 1.
We've decided that we want the campaign to be all about the story so we're putting a lot of time and effort into creating interesting and balanced missions with all the lists being discussed and altered mutually so as to create games which have the best chance of being close and exciting. When it come s to playing the games we'll be taking it slow and discussing tactics and moves as we go to create the best story possible, keeping the option to "do over" if the dice gods chuck us a curve ball! I'm really looking forward to it and I hope you are too because we'll be posting detailed narrative battle reports all the way through to the Glorious Ork Victory which is of course inevitable!
So towards this initial goal I need to paint the following;
3 Ork bikers, including a Boss Nob.
12 Lootas.
A Warbuggy.
And a Killa Kan.
I'm most of the way to finishing the bikers and here's some WIP shots;

I know Doc is frantically building and painting the mechanised infantry of the "Dicers", his new regiment of puny 'umans!

Stay tuned for more on "The Cypra Incident"


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  1. "Bike or no bikes they are still aliens here to invade my planet and will die all the same" Commissar White. That aside nice to see some paint being thrown around. I have absolutely masses to paint.