Sunday, 17 January 2016

Adeptus Astartes - Trained by Mars

Evening All,

So as the title may have alluded to this post is all about the select few marines who get trained by the adeptus mechanius to work with machines.  I have been itching for ages to get some built for a couple of my armies and have been hoarding parts for this purpose for some time.

First up is a basic techmarine picked up by red mist (thanks bud) on ebay.  Clearly a paint stripped model I am looking forward to bringing back to life on the table top.

Next up is a converted techmarine on bike carrying an auspex (I hate over watch!).  Again the biker was picked up by innermech of all people and he gave him to me saying he would be good for your techmarine on a bike (Yes you are correct bert many thanks!).

I have used Iron warrior back pack parts to convert up the servo arm.  Really pleased with this simple conversion.

Last warrior to be trained by Mars is a new Iron Priest.  I have been again planning this for some time.  Like the techmarine on bike the back pack is made using Iron Warrior parts.  The chest plate and shoulder pad are tech parts too showing the correct iconography.  To go alongside the Iron Priest he has 4 converted cyberwolves.  These are simple conversions of the Waargs from the GW lord of the rings range given to me by Hendrix (cheers!).  There appears to be lots of bits accumulated for these projects from many within the code group.

Last on this post I have also based up a load of wolves (former goblin wolf riders wolves) to make a load more fenrisian wolves.  This now takes me up to 40!

Hope you like the simple conversions comments are welcome.




  1. Awesome! I especially like the Tech Marine on the wolf with his techno-wolf buddies!!

    1. Thanks bud glad to have them finally built

  2. 40 wolves eh? Time to start painting more burnas then! Nice conversions Doc.