Saturday, 23 January 2016

40K Narrative Campaign 2016 "The Cypra Incident; Birth of The Beast of Cypra", New Ork Bikers Showcase.

Hi All

All ready for the call to war are Biker Boss Nob ZagSkrag BigWeelz and a couple of his ladz! ZagSkrag will be part of whichever tier 2 mission we end up playing; either Recon or Motor Pool Assault.
I've really enjoyed getting back into the Orky Spirit with the build up to this campaign. The hardest part of the painting has been trying to keep the look consistent with my existing Ork collection; I started my Orks back in the 90's with a very different paint collection and a completely different skill level!
Anyhoo, here's ZagSkrag and the boys....

Pleased with these, I'll defo be painting the rest of my bikers, including a whole load of Nobs.

next up I'm moving onto my Lootas, this will complete everything I'll need for the first campaign day since I did a pair of quick weapon swap outs on a buggy and a kan rather than paint new ones from scratch.

Hope you like, c and c welcome as ever.


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