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40K Narrative Campaign 2016; "The Cypra Incident: Birth of the Beast of Cypra" - The Setting, Launch, What's this all about?

Hi All,

Doc here to talk about mine and Boss Bluddtoof's upcoming campaign:

"The Cypra Incident: Birth of the Beast of Cypra"

Firstly this is what I hope will happen to Bluddtoof!

This campaign will be a narrative ladder campaign and I will discuss how we arrived at that decision below.

So me and Bluddtoof get together 3 or 4 times a year as we live about an hour apart and we decided it would be cool for this year (2016) that we should link our games together.  Now I have been part of loads of campaigns which never got finished and were too complicated.  We wanted something simple.....

So, before working out which armies to use we discussed how we wanted the whole thing to go. First off what armies?.... as we both play multiple armies?  Boss eventually  went with Orks (of course, well it was nearly space marines!) and I went with Imperial Guard followed by support from the Space Wolves.  We feel these codex's are also very well balanced vs each other as they were released at a similar time.  

Next we talked about what kind of games we wanted and how we would link it together.  The overriding  factor of what we wanted was story, fun and different missions above winning.

So on this basis I got the old Imperium Map out! (pg 48 & 49 Dark Millenium Book 7th Edition 40K, the book nobody has read!)  Thinking I want a location which makes sense for the campaign, but could also explain a back story I had in mind for the imperial guard regiment I have been devising (more on this later).  The location also needed to by somewhere the Space Wolves would get involved in helping!

Cypra Mundi is located in the Sementum Obscurus, Finial Sector.  It is quite close to the eye of terror and Mordian.  Fenris is a couple of systems away.  So the map has Cypra Mundi but we decided to expand the system to include the following:

System Name: Cypra  Mundi  (Segmentum Obscurus) 
Planet Names: Cyrpa Mundi, Cypra Prime, Mundi Secundus, Mundi Hades, Mundi Phrygia, The Forgotten Hole

Initial Setting:
Scrap Planet: Records deleted simply know as:  The Forgotten Hole

Air on the planet is of extremely poor quality.  Planet subject to virus bombs thousands of years earlier.  Some areas have extremely toxic plant life.  Subject to extreme weather events. High amounts of derelict buildings burnt out vehicles e.t.c.  Considered a strategically important planet in the future.  High amounts of resources still available on the planet.  Proximity to the Eye of Terror is seen as a threat.  Imperium would like to re-establish the planet. 

We also developed some background for our armies:

Orks; Waaaghh! Bluddtoof.

This is the story of the rise of Waaagh! Bluddtoof and the Warboss himself.

The Cypra Mundi system was the site of a fairly major conflict during the Great Crusade; Legion forces of the Death Guard were deployed to the system to wipe out a growing Ork enclave. The Legion was successful but at great cost to the ecosystems of the various planets, due to widespread deployment of viral weaponry in an effort to utterly eradicate the greenskin menace. It is a testament to the tenacity of Ork DNA that now some 10,000 years later spores have blossomed on the death world of Mundi Hades, a terrible and malevolent environment which was written off by Imperial Survey teams 500 years ago as a “place too deadly to even consider as a prison planet”.

Mundi Hades is a single vast chemical desert, the only surface water is poisonous and the air is a toxic miasma, choked with dust and chemical vapours. What little life exists there are vicious and murderous, invariably small and deadly invertebrates with extremely tough exoskeletons. However beneath its surface are vast networks of long abandoned industrial complexes from before the wars of unification. These xenos complexes were never found by the crusade forces who bypassed this horrific place due to its absolute lack of use. Long after the crusades wreckage from ork krewserz drifted into the orbit of Hades and plummeted to the surface, punching through the crust deep into the planet. 

Many thousands of years later through some unknown means, ork spores carried in the wreckage spawned a new generation of Orks. For the last three hundred years they have grown and bred and learnt, their oddboys tapping into the hidden technology buried in the planet. Now they are ready, Boss Bluddtoof has risen to the head of the clans and is calling a mighty Waaagh! To reach out to the rest of the Cypra Mundi system and then The Galaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Several space worthy (barely) vessels have been built with which Bluddtoof intends to capture the rest of the system. Ancient scanners and databases have given his Meks a lot of detail on local space including a little knowledge of local ‘uman activity. (We know you’re there but not much detail.)   
The first vessel is aimed at “The Forgotton Hole” as the xenos scanners have shown very large deposits of metallic resources, ideal for the Meks plans. This initial force is lead by a Big mek and comprises scrap experts and a selection of support boyz and eavy stuff, just in case the ‘Umies try any funny biznis!! 

Ork Characters;

Boss Bluddtoof; “Da Beast of Cypra”
Mek Boss Grubbnutz; Bluddtoofs right hand ork, a sneaky backstabbing git, who is only alive due to Bluddtoofs protection over the years. An Ork Genius!
Big Mek DeffSparx, leader of the expedition to gather raw materials and set up a production facility on The Forgotton Hole. Loves Dreads and Kanz! Dreams of his very own Kustom Meka Dread, leading a mighty Dread Mob in Waaagh! Bluddtoof.
Meks; Skragga MorTuf, Wurr Naz, Gul Bagga
Boss Nobz; Gor Snik (Mega Nobz), Grim Snagga(Shoota Boyz), Gul Zogga(Slugga Boyz), ZagSkrag BigWeelz(Biker Boyz)

Imperial Regiment "The 19th Dicers"

Deployed to the planet "The Forgotten Hole" for colonisation after victory in the 7th Black Crusade. Renamed the plant the "Reborn Cypra" but it never stuck and is still called the Forgotten Hole.

Been none active combatants for 4 years.   Despite this regiment is considered veteran and highly successful.   Regiment is now bitter and wishes they had never been granted settlement of this rock!  Hardy bunch but dwindling trained soldiers being replaced with farmers, industrial workers e.t.c.  Regiment has no experience fighting orks.  Gambling is rife within the regiment; but in the past this was never considered a problem when they were fighting Chaos and showing a strong willing to take a chance and go for the jugular.    Now they have settled it has caused more of a problem, resentment, arguments and discontent is rife within the regiment.


Colonel Ironside - Experienced and Decorated Leader - Still wishes to live the military life has found the adjustment hard.  Resents the Imperium
Captain Mullins - Adjusted well to the change and concentrates on training new recruits and building some solid defences for the regiment.
Lieutenant Twister (platoon twist & stick) - Young and Plucky this static settlement does not suit Twister.  Head of a gambling ring and a disruptive influence.
Lieutenant Sternhammer (platoon last chance) - Oldest officer in the regiment, disciplinarian and loner when not commanding.
Commissar White - Along with Sternhammer solid performer.  Starting to loose his marbles a little!

So we are planning to battle report all the games played within this campaign and we are aiming for 3 to 4 days of gaming.  The first day will be two battles from the top two tiers of this ladder:

Blue Lines indicate Imperial Win
Green Lines indicate Ork Win


An Ork Loota mob is scavenging scrap metal from imperial wrecks in a murky swamp.
Local Imperial garrison has sent a scouting force to investigate unidentified signals from the area.

Objective: Orks need to attach teleport locator beacons to as many wrecks as possible to enable the main teleport array at base to lock onto the wrecks and teleport them home. Imperials need to stop this happening.


The Orks successfully teleported a large quantity of scrap metal from the swamp. (ORK WIN IN GAME 1). Imperial garrison have sent a recon force to find out what the Orks are up to. Large energy surge detected in quadrant (X).

Mission involves a small imperial recon force investigating an Ork camp.
Orks are deployed around a central camp area including a large scrap pile. Ork boys and grots are scattered around the perimeter in small groups (units split into bits). Bikes and a Killa Kan are patrolling. Burnas and meks are BtB with scrap pile.

Objective: Imperials need to reach 3 of the objectives near or in the camp to simulate the acquisition of data, plans, troop numbers, eavesdropping on conversation etc. Orks are  INACTIVE at start and will be treated as SENTRIES (use an INITIATIVE method to determine if recon force spotted, using rules from Necromunda) Weapons fire can alert nearby sentries as can assault. Vehicles automatically set the alarm off.

Recon force need to get info and can then transmit it back whilst attempting to destroy the camp.

Imperial Victory if 3 objectives secured.


Having  been thwarted by the imperials in their attempt to acquire scrap from the swamp (IMPERIAL WIN IN GAME 1). The Orks turn their attention to a nearby Imperial motor pool. Their kunnin plan is to carry out a rapid strike and steal some working vehicles!!

Objective: Ork Meks must make BtB with an INACTIVE Imperial vehicle and succeed in a REPAIR attempt as per usual rules. Once successful the MEK boards the vehicle (leaving his unit) and MUST drive the vehicle off the ORK board edge. NO WEAPONS FIRE IS ALLOWED BY THE STOLEN VEHICLE AND FLAT OUT IS DISALLOWED AS THE MEK HAS NOT HAD TIME TO FAMILIARISE HIMSELF WITH THE CONTROLS.


Ok folks, I hope you enjoyed the read we will report back on how the first two games go and our preparation for war.  If you have any ideas we could try or any questions on this lot please comment (we love comments as much as Bluddtoof loves Squigs!)

Thats all Folks

Doc Out


  1. Nice! I love games with a bit more depth to them, so it's nice to see others going down that route as well. Look forward to seeing how this turns out!

    1. Thanks Nick, check out Return to Code40k label if you would like to read about other story driven games