Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Great British Build Off - Heresy Arms Race - Death Guard

Hi All,

So Ho Ho Ho Horus Heresy came and went and the code on the whole did badly.  We were saved by Toonboys brothers showcase of Primarchs which were fantastic!  I hope you enjoyed them I certainly did.  The fact still remains however, that us code boys are still sitting on a whole load of Resin - Innermech, Doc, Lukodakka and Redmist in particular.

So I was over Innermechs yesterday and to my surprise sat there were lots of built heresy models the lad had been really busy!  Not only that but he must be skint!

Anyway today I decided I would have a little go and build up a few more things!  Here goes:

5 more deathshrouds, this now gives me 10 of these built.  Although a warpage issue needs fixing as illustrated by the second photo!

Finished the build on my breacher sergeant now my mk3 close combat weapons have arrived.  I used the head from the rapier guy to make a better looking sergeant.

2 Apothecaries, every good death guard needs feel no pain right!

Praetors - alternative leaders for when you need them.  Put these guys on code design bases.

Contemptor number 2, haven't decided yet if I will magnetise the arms or not.  I have a power fist and plasma arm for this guy magnetised from first contemptor which is completed as a mortis pattern.  Tempted to order volkite arms for this one?

Not content with just doing heresy as Boss Bludtoof mentioned we are committed to a campaign.  So I have also been putting stuff together for the first two games of the campaign.  Being a cheepskate and guard are cheap I am making all the guard heavy weapon options from one box.  Today I built up the autocannons for the 19th Dicers Regiment.

I am currently formulating the background for this regiment.  I think I am going to play a regiment which is on the edge of slipping to chaos and have been sent to colonise a planet after a successful campaign against the 7th black crusade.  The planet is a bit of back end of the galaxy type and resentment to there honoured settlement rights is growing.  I will expand this background a little further once we get in to the campaign proper.

Right hope you like my great British Build off next time I will share InnerMechs Dark Angel builds I mentioned above.