Monday, 4 January 2016

A New Mek for Waaagh! Bluddtoof

Hi All

Not posted in a while due to a very long and well needed holiday!
Back now and getting back into a quite busy painting schedule for the coming year; myself and Doc are planning a narrative campaign for 2016, this will tell the tale of the Imperial response to the rise of Waaagh! Bluddtoof and is an ideal excuse for me to paint up some long awaited additions to my Orks. We'll post much more regarding this over the coming year, including stories and detailed bat reps and painting posts, stay tuned....

This post is to show the most recent addition to my Space Ork force; a Big Mek in Mega Armour with Tellyport Blasta. I painted this for a 4000pt game we played this weekend just gone; Me and Luko Dakka as Orks against Doc and Inner Mech as Wolves and DA. A good game; we played the old meat grinder mission from a couple of editions ago, well a version of it anyway. Alas the orks couldn't wipe out the beakies before time ran out so we slunk off to lick our wounds. We'll be back though!!!

So here's a few pics of the new Mek.....

Hope you like, as usual c and c most welcome.
Keep watching over the next few weeks and months as I paint up some new bits and bobs for my Orks to use in the campaign.



  1. Stunning job on this guy! He looks great!

    1. Thanks Greg. Enjoyed painting this one. My love for the Orks has returned after a very long absence.

  2. he looks great.

    it would be great to see some full army pics of your orks and marines

  3. He looks great and does the in your face thing only a good ork should do. Also did well in his first game. Lets see if he can find some scrap?