Sunday, 31 January 2016

More Thunderwolves Ride In and A New Bike Mounted Rune Priest

Hi All,

Doc back with some more preparation for the Cypra Incident: Birth of the Beast of Cypra campaign. Firstly I have added a couple more Thunderwolves to take me up to a full squad of 5.

These two have been added as none of the other 3 have high strength or AP2 weapons which has proven to be a weakness in the past.  I have to say I really love these models!

I have also kit bashed together a rune priest on a bike for not other reason than I thought it might be a nice option.

I will give this guy some glowing eyes in the paint job and paint the runes on the sword to glow also. He is also covered in many totems as befits his position within the chapter.

As always comments are welcome.


Doc Out


  1. Ohhh, m8,
    Loving it!
    I'm going.down this route. Wolf star 🐺 🌟 HO!
    You know u can have 6 wolves, right?
    Have you got Champions of Fenris? Invaluable for foc. Get iron priests on tw's. Then get WG on bikes with storm Shields to protect that rune priest there. Why not chuck in a librarius conclave on bikes.
    That's my user competitive list right there! This week it took out a brass scorpion (Harald Death wolf for furious charge and immune to flamers) and went on to romp through mailer fiend, chaos Lord and 2 troops and a summoned Bloodletter of Unfettered Fury!
    I love the look on people's faves who rock up so smug with their "OP" lists: what, just two units?
    Have fun, Bym.

    1. Earlier post shows my converted iron priest. Not sure I will deathstar them too often but wanted more options Thanks for ideas cheers

  2. Will we be seeing you at B2B in Worcs?
    Would be great to catch up!
    The Wolf star can also be dismantled for proper battles too.
    I've got a bat rep blog on Tumblr, but think I will be switching it to fb...

    1. Hey Bym, no tournaments for me at the moment doing a masters and working full time doesn't leave the time. Good Luck

  3. Ps, soz for taking over your blog: I also love the TWC belt on front of bike, think I'll be stealing that idea!