Monday, 11 January 2016

The Great British Build Off - Heresy Arms Race - The Dark Angels

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The Dark Angels finally have heresy parts and although expensive I wanted all the models to look top draw.  I have purchased the Battle for Calth but also lots of other MKs through forgeworld.  I wanted a mixture in the army to reflect the different armour used at the time.

I have an approach to painting which is to get a quality table top standard but most of all get all the models on the table ready to play.  So when I build something I glue them fully together unless it would be impossible to paint.  With the first test game for age of darkness lined up for this Friday I have been busy building this lot:

Legion tactical marines all based on code designs bases and available at Worcester Wargames

Plasma - love the look of the 30K plasmas!

Volkite - Assault weapon death

Still work in progress the tracks are particularly challenging!

Command Squad with dark angel parts need that fearless option!

Plasma, plasma, plasma, I have always lined my 40k DA's up with plasma now the 30K dudes can have some.

Bit static pose but for the money well worth it!

Hope you like the build will show you more as I get into it.



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  1. These are awesome! Great work on the first legion chap!