Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Taurox Prime - Video The Build conversion using Victorian Minatures Parts - Arming for The Cypra Incident

Hi All,

Doc here back with some more Cypra Incident coverage and a bonifidy first for the blog a video! Yes I have taken the plunge and dared to put my ugly mug on camera but before I do that.  Whats this Cypra Incident you may be thinking?  So if you are new to our narrative campaign check back to the following:

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My list for the 2nd tier mission uses a Taurox which up until a couple of weeks ago I didn't own.  So off I went and ordered one from my FLGS Worcester Wargames and also ordered wheels and a suspension kit all the way from Australia via Victoria Minatures.  So being as I wanted to test my video skills or complete lack there of I thought I would do a short explanation video on the tank.  See below and go gentle on the comments I am a NEWB!  Any advice on editing and so on go for it.  For info this is filmed on an IPAD mini I cannot afford any spangly video equipment.

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  1. Hey doc, I really like the video. You've avoided a lot of pitfalls that I tripped into when I started Vlogging!

    I found the wheels really interesting actually, I think they look loads better than the games workshop stuff. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good job dude! First go went well. Definitely up for using video through the campaign.
    The Taurox looks much better with wheels. Looking forward to this.