Sunday, 25 February 2018

Stepping between Games - #Squaduary Feb 2018. Heresy Era Imperial Fists, Rapier Quad Bolter Battery......COMPLETE!!

Hi All

#Squaduary entry complete! Huzzah! And with plenty of time to spare.
Here's my complete VII Legion Astartes, Imperial Fists, Rapier Quad Bolter Battery......

and several finished angles...

and a few of the later WIP shots...

and finally in the cabinet with the legion so far...

I'm pleased with them but I won't be using the "lazy" sepia wash technique again on my legion models as the finish is a little too dark, it's worth the extra effort and time to get a cleaner yellow tint to the mustard finish.

A big shout out to Rory over at "stepping between games" for once again providing motivation to the community. As with all this army I've really enjoyed painting them and the next couple of months will see me painting more "Fists"; this time primarily for 40k, using the same scheme so I can use most of the models in either 30k or 40k as the need arises. These 40k Imperial Fists are for my entry into "Battlefield Birminghams" doubles tourney in June, stay tuned for a lot more on that in coming months.

As ever C&C more than welcome and good luck with your own #Squaduary entries!



  1. Look great Boss, only thing I don't understand is the fact they are not on industrial bases? Mine are finished will put up in a couple of days

    1. I’m trying to match each squads basing to different areas of the game mat we played our last game of heresy on. Colours match across army and match the mat but the styles differ. Breachers for example are on industrial pipework matching one section of the mat. Heavy squad are on ruined tile flooring. These boys are on a crater floor. Terminators I’m starting are on ruined imperial streets.

    2. Oh yes you did say forgotten though nice idea and narrative

  2. Soooo much dakka! Awesome job mate, well done :-)

  3. Looks well and thanks for taking part. I enjoyed watching your progress.