Monday, 5 February 2018

Stepping between Games - Squaduary Feb 2018. Heresy Era Imperial Fists, Rapier Quad Bolter Battery

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a post introducing my entry into "Squaduary Feb 2018" this years event hosted by Rory at "Stepping Between Games".

This is a great opportunity to get some motivation for painting up a unit, head over to his blog for more info and inspiration.

So as this is week 1; I've built the unit; a trio of rapiers with quad bolters.....

and applied a base coat of zandri dust which is drying as wee speak. (No pics yet)

It was a bit tricky getting the gunners right arm in the correct position so I played around with pinning and in the end I chopped off the lever that controls the gun carriage and replaced it with a jewellery wire pin into the hand. these are are all currently un glued so once it's all painted and I'm ready for assembly, I can adjust as needed. But I reckon they're pretty close as they are.

More to come soon as I put on some paint...



  1. Great start, I love those gun carriages, I did one for my Relictors, in 7th it wasn’t great as it was six TL shots, but in 8th I reckon they will rock!

  2. Nice progress chief, that is going to be a lot of shots going down range.

  3. This really is a bolt from the blue......