Friday, 2 February 2018

Primaris Marines (and other stuff)

Happy New Year (better late than never)

First up a very quick review of 2107, I didn’t do much! Combined with house renovation and my wife going back to work after maternity leave, it didn’t leave me much time to do much.
First up I painted this Eldar Scorpion for my dads’ birthday

I have not really painted such big models before but it was pretty easy to put together and I tried a few different painting styles.

I really enjoyed doing it, so much so I have just had the Cobra delivered for his birthday this year!

Next up we had the release of 8th edition and the new Primaris marines. I am slight torn with these as they are stunning models and the right scale, but I feel this is the end for the “normal” space marine.  For these models I am starting a new colour scheme. The issue with my current scheme is that to paint black and yellow is hard and slow. It can easily look messy if not done right. I have taken this scheme from an ‘Eavy Metal painter’s personal army. He created the colour scheme to be easy to paint which I think it is.


The scheme is leadbealcher spray washed in a 50:50 mix of nuln oil matt and gloss. Then highlight with ironbreaker and runefang. I really enjoyed painting them and now all my new marine stuff will be primaris (expect where I still have stuff to paint).

Speaking of new stuff, here are some of the primaris characters I got for my birthday and Christmas





… and one of the easy-build redemptors (currently WIP).

Gaming wise last year I had a few games. I managed to attend a local event and played the new 8th edition. I like this edition a lot and GW seem to be making a real effort in getting feedback from players on what work and what doesn’t.

Aims for 2018, things are settling down at home and I aim to do a lot more with the hobby. So far I have painted every day (abet sometimes only 10mins of so, but every little helps) and I have had 2 games of blood bowl (I love this game) and I will be having a game of 40k tonight!

One final thing is a new display case

Hopefully I get to post on here a lot more over this year too.

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