Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Showcase Militarum Tempestus Scions #Squaduary 2018 Finished

Morning All,

Quick update on my squad of scions I am working on for stepping between games #squaduary.  I have finally managed to finished my 5 man units of scions despite getting distracted by painting sly marbo at the same time.

I popped over to Dark Bristles last night and he was king enough to snap some shots of the squad for me.  I think they have come out well.  So well in fact that I have another 15 to do.  The thing i like most is the high contrast silver and the fact they fit my existing guard force whilst still standing out.

Hope you all like them and just a shout out to Rory at stepping between games as I have another unit to bring to the table that might otherwise of not had.  As always please leave constructive comments below.

On a side note next up for me will be.....

Catch you all soon