Thursday, 1 February 2018

Stepping Between Games - Squaduary FEB 2018 - Scions - Arming for the Cypra Incident Continues

Morning All,

Rory over at stepping between games has put out his annual rallying call for painters to get the hobby new year going by painting a squad in February.  As I haven't done anything yet this year I thought I would take up the mantle.  Thanks Rory for the motivation.

The first week is for building but I have already put mine together as WIP in January here.  Since that post I have based and primed the models and they are currently in this state heading into Squaduary month.

Before I get cracking though I need to think through a colour scheme to match the wider force but also stand apart.

More posts across the month on this squad




  1. Best wishes! I'll be clipping my squad off the sprues tomorrow, if all goes well :-)

  2. Excellent, more motivation for me to gain by watching others progress.

    1. When you say it like that it sounds kind of creepy! Maybe it's the scowling masked marine face that's doing it...

  3. Cheers all, motivation is a good thing

  4. oh wow, you're so far ahead of me already! I'd best get my act together! I look forward to seeing your #squaduary updates!

  5. Good work, I’m looking forward to seeing these!