Friday, 2 March 2018

#Old Stuff Day

Hi All

So I've volunteered to do a post for #Old Stuff Day; an annual journey into the dim and distant blog past, led by Dave Weston at "Confessions of a 40k addict".
Link to his post here

I've spent some time looking through the code archives, battling snotlings in some of the dark and damp sections! I found these two gems from Doc and Trevdog; a nice little narrative campaign they started back in the mists of time.................

Follow this link for the first part of "CODE40K"

a piccie to tease...

and then this little link for the full write up of "CODE40K"

They wrote this before I joined the blog as a contributor and I have to say it was one of the things that got my blogging juices flowing. Just a really nice way to present and play this game we all love.
Cheers Doc and Trevdog!

So that's my look at an old Code40k post and here's a selection of links to other bloggers old stuff I particularly like......


one of my favourites here from Violet Studio Paint

and one of the coolest flyers I've seen from Le Blog de Kouzes

and finally a really nice Knight from Musings of a Metal Mind

Hope you enjoyed all that and maybe you saw something new but old.

Thanks to DaveWeston for the prompt again.



  1. Cheers Boss Bluddtoof, as much as I am a torch bearer for the day Rob at Warhammer 39,999 was the true inspiration but I suppose like Dreadtober and Squaduary these things are passed around so the community shares the load.

    Trying to work out if I used that Knight from Musings of a Metal Mind as inspiration for my own Cerastus. And Blog de Kouzes are always good value :)

    Thanks for joining in.

    1. Thanks for looking Dave. It’s the nature of the community I think. It was nice to look back at stuff I’d forgotten.