Thursday, 29 March 2018

Hobby Progress the 19th Dicers - Arming for Cypra and Arming for Battlefield Birmingham Doubles

Afternoon All,

I have been so busy lately working away but not posting except for the odd bit through instagram and our facebook page.  I actually have enough hobby progress for a few posts but today I will focus on the Imperial Guard.

I have signed up to go to a battlefield Birmingham doubles event in June with Dark Bristles, Boss Bludtoof, Luko Dakka, Innermech and the Barber.  So the code will be representing.  Expect to see hobby updates as everyone gets ready.

As I am also trying to prepare for the next Cypra Airfield Mission (see last post for info) I have decided to take the 19th with some new additions. A two birds one stone approach which in reality is entirely necessary for me to stand a chance.

So as I am going to work on this as a group here are the current new builds:

As I need 4 flyers for the airfield mission and only currently have 1 finished a Valkyrie here is the built and primed Avenger Strike Fighter.  Nice Kit went together fairly straight forwardly.  Hardest bit was sawing off the large chunks of resin!

The next new flyer is a Vulture Gunship with punisher cannons.  Well apart from the rules for this thing being immense it looks cool.  Slightly harder to build than the avenger mixing plastic and resin was tricky as was getting the plastic tail fins to fit against the resin. Again big chunks of resin to saw away.

WIP shot early on:

Fully Built:

You may of noticed lurking in these shots are some Scions and these are the 3rd new build.  

So quite a bit of painting to get done but also 1 more flyer to come which I will keep as a surprise (a big surprise hint hint!)  Last little hobby update before I move on:

I also picked up this new hobby light, its pricey but worth every penny when living in dark old blighty!

Thats all folks look forward to showing you more soon.


DOC out


  1. What model is that hobby light?


      Link above cheers