Sunday, 11 March 2018

Imperial Fists; Tartaros Terminator Squad

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with some more work on my Imperial Fists, this time in the form of a Tartaros Terminator Squad.
These puppies are the first squad for a 40k army I'm building to take to Battlefield Birmingham's doubles tourney in June, find details on that here
The army will be 1000pts to fight alongside another 1000pt army of marines.
The nice thing, and part of my motivation, is that the majority of the 1000pts will be usable in my Heresy Era Imperial Fists too. I'm using exactly the same colour scheme and techniques and the same basing and weathering styles so they should match in seamlessly.

Finished pics...

I found these different to paint than the resin models previously painted for the legion; the plastic behaves very differently. It has a super smooth finish which transfers to the base coat as opposed to the ever so slightly textured resin finish. The result was a marked difference in finish once the yellow glaze was dried; on the previous resin models the finish was totally matte but on these plastic models it was a rather worrying gloss!
In the end I flattened the gloss finish with a combination of matte varnish and weathering powders. finish is just as matte as the rest of the army so all good. But a valuable lesson to learn.

The hardest part was the power blades, I've matched them to the power sword on my praetor model, which you can see here, I find this particular painting process very intense and quite taxing; lots of holding my breath and focusing in order to get the shades in the right place, I'm happy with the finish though so worth the bit of stress in the end. The only other stumbling block was deciding what transfers to use, I wanted them to fit believably in both 30k and 40k, the decision is easier with terminators than tactical marines for example, it would be trickier to keep to codex markings in that situation, but again I'm happy with the final look.

Some wip shots to finish...

Next up is an assault terminator squad for the army. More on that over the next week or so.

As ever C&C welcome.



  1. They look great, love the dirty yellow look you are doing.

  2. Nice work on those! I always like when IF are done a bit less bright than the usual. Tartaros Terminators look so cool, and you've shown them off nicely here. I also really like your additions to the Sector Imperialis bases. I might have to steal that idea from you, as they do start looking a bit repetitive once there's a full Army on them.

    1. Thanks. Simply added mixed layers of gravel and sand; bigger stuff first.