Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Further Build Progress for the Cypra Incident and Battlefield Birmingham

Hi All,

Bit of a long time since any of us have blogged.  I know there is frantic work going on for for Golden Demon, Battlefield Birmingham and in mine and Boss's case The Cypra Incident.  For me its finding time to sit in front of the keyboard and share the progress which is challenging!

Anyway......  I promised last time to share the next BIG build project so here it is a massive treat to myself a while back

What's that you ask?

So daunting at the beginning..

I kept going...

The beast appears (Maraunder Bomber) after several hours work spread across multiple days.  Love the model hard work to put together.  None of the turrets are glued in this picture to aid the painting process.  

I then felt the need to do a size comparison!  In mind its the ultimate super heavy flyer and will see its first action in the next cypra 'airfield mission'.  

This means I have now concluded the build work for the next cypra mission.  However at this stage I still wanted to build something for my proposed Battlefield Birmingham list.

So with the advent of Forgebane and the new mini knights (armigers) I loved them.  Also as a necron player it added to that force also.  I was keen to get some movement into the poses and decided to make one running.  The 14" move rule prompted the posing in my head.  Also decided to make then have opposite weapon arms to each other for further variety.  

The next job was a mega airbrush priming session!

Was super proud to have got to this stage and then a day later realisation that's a lot to paint!  Priority will be the units for Battlefield Birmingham the knights, vulture and scions.

Until next time when hopefully I will be showing you some painted minis or at minimum WIP.




  1. That flyer is a beast! Great work, looking forward to seeing how the painting comes along.

  2. Was at WHW last week looking at this very same Flyer, it’s a great beast, reminds me of a 40K type Lancaster! I love the Armigers too. I’m constructing the second one at the moment.

    1. Yep kind of my thinking and fits well with the airfield mission we are playing next where I am going to bomb it! Also a different kind of centre piece. As for armigers loved them instantly.