Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My SVA and Carnage Review Pt1

Hello all,

This is my first post here and it is my review of my 2 weekends of gaming.

First up was SVA XII. yet again the guys at the Spikeyclub set up a great event to play in.

here are my 5 different armies that i took.

1750 normal

This was Lysander, librarian, 10 sternguard in pod, 2*10 tactical in pods, 10 scout and 2 ironclads in pods.

1750 Planetstrike attacker

This was lysander, librarian, 3*5 terminators, 2 ironclads in pods and sternguard in a pod. all deep-striking and all elite!

1750 Planetstrike defender

This had lysander, 2 * 10 devastator squads, 2*10 tactical squads, Thunderfire cannon, 10 sternguard and a land raider.

400 point kill team

4 terminators, 6 sternguard, a scout and an apothecary

my apoc force

this is 1250 of it

not much there. lysander, 3 tactical squads one in pod and 1 in rhino and 1 on foot; and 2 ironclads in pods....but they had this guy to support them:

5 different armies, yet trying to keep a common theme throughout.

my first game was a blue on blue encounter against extremedoc's newly painted Necrons....more in part 2

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