Friday, 6 April 2012

SVA and Carnage pt2

As mentioned in Hypa's post we got split up in to good guys and bad guys. No one wanted to take the mantle so I step forward in a brave and forceful manner and picked it up! I then found out that Hypa had won his first battle and he too was a force commander. We agreed that last game tomorrow we would face each other in the APOC game.

My first game was Planetstrike defender for me. I also took up the good guy’s secret mission, which was at the end of the game have the highest placed model on the battle field. The battle was mainly decide on poor dice rolling on Docs part at crucial time. His destroyer lord had a total of 7 attacks (all of which hit) against Lysander, but only managed to force 2 saves. By the end of the battle the Necrons were completely destroyed and I claimed a total of 18 campaign points. Round 1 finished well for the good guys as we were 88-80 up. As we had such a good round I decided to spend some of the CP's on hired help. Just because we used them in the low point game doesn't make us sneaky! We just did a bit more finking than or orky friends.

Next up I played a battle mission 1750. I was launching a surprise attack on some chaos marines and was able to drop in all my pods on turn 1! Wow I thought this helps me greatly and he had to set up everything within 12" of the centre. So I dropped in and my sternguard caused 14W on his daemon prince and he died. The 2 tactical squad’s meltas some rhino transport and my ironclads were to melta the land raider and then assault out of their Lucius Pattern pods into the contents of the raider which was zerkers and a lord....easy....or so I thought. First melta missed and the second failed to pen. But not to worry as I could still assault it.... first dread immobilised itself coming from the pod, but the second hit home and ripped apart the raider. Not a bad first turn. Things still went well for me in the second turn as he could only kill a few marines and my mobile ironclad while I wiped out his obliterators and got Lysander close to his berzerkers. After this things just never seemed to work. And I lost by a single kill point! A lot of people who had seen the first turn were shocked that I lost and that was the same for both me and my opponent. I still managed to pick up some valuable campaign points but the rest f the good guys started to take a bit of a beating.

3rd game for me was another battle mission with a middle objective. I was up against a Tyrants List from the Badab War apoc books. This mission required me to defend the middle and him to capture it. By turn 3 I had engaged 1 tact squad with an ironclad, the guard squad was being whittled down by Lysander and the other tact was miles away from the objective. I was heading for a draw by turn 5 when he realised he needed to get his tact squad on an objective. Luckily for him the game went to turn 7 and I could not engage the squad and with all his run he just (it needed a careful measurement) got to within 3" of the objective. Again I picked up a few campaign points

The rest of the good guys had performed just as bad and by the end of the first day we were way behind the bad guys.

We had to go for it on Sunday so as leader I said I would do a planet strike attack. I was up against a tau list. Now while I won this game and got max campaign points it was no way an easy game. My one of my ironclads was in combat from turn 1 against broadsides then crisis suits and with a total of 27 attacks only killed some broadsides! It was terrible. I only had 4 models left at the end of the game, but I was touching all 3 bastions.

Finally the big game.... commander V commander. I was a little worried as his Kan list was still unbeaten in all its games, did I have enough to take out all those Kans????  We both had the secret mission of kill the other
Commander model. The set up was 1 superheavy or 3 normal unit. Hypa chose to put down his stompa and I put my warhound as far away from it as possible. His first turn took out my void shield and damaged my drive train... so my 2 ironclads dropped in next to the stompa and shot the melta at it taking off a structure point. Then my warhound opened up with its turbo laser destructor.....2*D hits...rolled a 5 and a 6, then another 6 and KABOOM! The stompa was left a pile of bits. From that point on I was able to take down his Kans, but I mada an honourable agreement that I would not shoot Stompnuts but he had to try and shokk attack my warhound each turn. On the last turn he sucked himself in to the warp and he had nothing left. All the orks had killed was an ironclad and 4 marines (1 of the marines had killed himself in the blast radius of a popped Kan)

But alas my heroics were to no avail and the good guys were beaten 375-425. I finished 2nd overall with victory points and I was the top scorer of campaign points.

Another great weekend arranged by the spikey club guys.

Next up Carnage

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