Monday, 9 April 2012

SVA and Carnage Pt3

So this is it, my final review of the last few weekends, and now Carnage. Again this event is not a WAAC tournament, but a nice friendly arena to play lots off 40k games. The set up was 4 games at 1250 on the Saturday, followed by 3 at 1250+500 (1750) on the Sunday. The second list had to include the first list with no modifications.

So here are my lists:


Master of the Forge
Dread with Assault Cannon in Pod
Dread with 2 Autocannons in Pod
Ironclad with Hammer and Heavy Flamer in Pod
Ironclad with Chanfist in Pod
Tactical squad, meltagun, multimelta, combi -melta and powerfist in Pod
10 scouts with sniper rifles and cloaks


Tactical squad with Flamer and Missile launcher in Pod
Dread with Multimelta and heavy flamer in Pod
Dread with Lascannon and Missile Launcher

and here is a picture:
the only reason i took this list is that i like playing with Dreads, and I like Drop Pods. i was hoping to get 2-3
Wins and not get too blown away by any "power" lists.

Game 1: was against a 7 model grey knight list, Draigo, 2 Paladins, 2 Venerables, and 2 Dreads. unfortunately for this guy he only had 2 fist on his verneables that could hurt me and in the end even though I was locked in combat with paladins with a 2++ I eventually killed all his army apart from Draigo who was on 2 wounds. A good start.
Game 2: next up was a team England player. At the last Carnage I played him in my first ever competitive game and he just beat me. Looking back at the list I took then no wonder! again I was not too hopeful as he had brought a fully tooled up Space wolves list; Logan, Wolf guard some with terminator armour, 2 lone wolves, long fangs and 2 grey wolf squads. This was 5 objective and spear head. The idea was to drop in and take out the grey wolves and use my pods to hold him back. I was aiming for a draw. In the end my plan failed due to poor shooting when required I only just got beat. If I had noticed the time then on my last turn instead of shooting the scouts I could have moved them on to my objective and sneak a 1-1 draw but I didn't and lost 1-0...close
Game 3: daemons...I have never like playing these and it was a diagonal setup and capture and control. I held my scouts in reserve ready to outflank as the objectives were close to each board edge. I maybe could have got a win if I had been a bit more daring, but I played safe and backed up my scouts on an objective and got a draw.
Game 4: Space marines which had a little bit of everything...but by the end not much of anything. All he had left was a stubborn scout who would not die, despite all the shots on him and an immobilised vindicator. A strong win
So at the end of day 1 I was 2-1-1, and was more than happy. One more good game tomorrow and I would have the result I wanted.
Game 5: Necrons. His list was mainly all the older models and he didn't have any of the new stuff, but having played against this type of list recently I knew what to do. It was capture and control, pitched battle. He set up 3 squads near his objective and played very defensive all game. My scouts got wiped out by his scarabs on turn 1, so 4 dreads had to drop in and deal with them straight away. One of my tacts dropped on my objective and sat there; while an ironclad and another dropped near his on the last turn I was able to contest his and won!
Game 6: Space wolves, kill points dawn of war. The worst combination for my list and against another elite space wolf list. There was not much I could do or play differently and got tonked 9-4 in KP.
Game 7: Space Marines, terminators Kantor but only 2-5 man tact squads. My first turn I was able to pop a razorback and a landraider, but again attrition took its toll and I was unable to bring enough firepower to kill things quickly. Luckily he also had heavy losses and he only had left Kantor while I had a scout squad on an objective. Another win!
Final score was 4-1-2, 140 ish points and 6th position.
Over all the squad of the weekend were the scouts. Other than 1 bad game they were brilliant; causing pinning checks and even the odd glance or 2 on light vehicles. The list was surprisingly solid but did come unstuck at times against top tier list. I got beat in game 2 by the winner, beaten by 4th place and drew with 5th. Would I have done better with my dual raider Vulkan list? Who knows but I doubt I would have has as much fun.

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