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Cloak and Dagger The Prologue

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So this is part one of a three day run down of Cloak and Dagger our Easter Warhammer Battle.  Today's post will describe the prologue to the battle.  Tomorrows post will bring you the background story and lastly the report post will bring you the battle report which will be published on Thursday.

So here is the prologue:

Cloak and Dagger - Prologue
One hundred and thirteen miles north of the large sea port of Marienburg on the west coast of the empire, literally just inside the border of the empire and the northern wastes is the village known as Dunterswald in the Wasteland. Holgan’s farmstead is near to the village and has been the attention of the Skaven for some time. A good reason for a slave raid by the Dark Elves perhaps, but why have they joined up with the Skaven?  The Dark Elf raiding fleet is quite a size and is able to slip into a remote and quiet part of the Empire's coast.  The Skaven have been hard at work extending their tunnel network and have a sizeable hoard waiting in the dark tunnels. In anticipation of the "Dark pointy things" arrival the Skaven have infiltrated Holgan’s farmstead close to the coast.  This will be the rendevous!

However, the Elves in white have had wind of their dark cousins movements toward the Empire coast, having recently had a naval engagement and lost to their cousin’s much larger fleet.  This fleet was heading at speed.  Word was then sent to a High Elf contingent that has a small fleet that passes the port of Marienburg at times to go and warn the empire of the approaching Dark Elves.  The Marienburg forces are currently dealing with a threat from the Northern Wastes to the north east of the Empire and have little in the way to send up to meet any raid on their coast.  Fortunately, a large force of Dwarfs that had agreed to help bolster the Northern part of the Empire had arrived in Marienburg around a month ago. They have agreed to secure the West coast.  The Dwarf lord met with the Marienburg Count Elector and a High Elf emissary to agree joint action against the Dark Elves.

Little do they expect the intervention of the Skaven......

We were also provided a map of the area:

So this is what started off the battle and scenario building process.  We then provided Trev (battle co-ordinator) with our leaders names and a little bit about them:

My Dwarf is called DOC GRUNNSON
cause he can fix any situation.
He's an engineer turned general! Likes experimenting and he’s had some of his experiments stolen by the sneaky Skaven.

Meet the Maleficent Family

Lady Maleficent
Sorceress (Matron Mother)
Dark Pegasus

Count Maleficent
Dreadlord (Patron)
Black Dragon

Sorceress (Daughter)

Captain Duress
Battle Standard Bearer (Old Family Retainer)
Giant Cold One

Ironically the corsairs didn't make the trip over the Sea of Claws and are still in the Land of Chill awaiting a paint job.

On this raid only Lady Maleficent will be present as the Count's Dragon gets sea sick, plus he's allergic to cannons.

The rest of the family will probably be there along with lots of spiky death.


My general is O J Backstabber.  He’s climbed and backstabbed his way up the Clan to become top rat.  Part of his plan is to extend his tunnel network up to the Chaos wastes, and ultimately become a member of the Council of Thirteen.


My leader is Finuval Windmaker, a Lothern Sea Lord.  He has a grudge against the Dark elves as each time they have crossed paths he has been beaten by them.  Will this time be different?  Lady Maleficent and Finuval Windmaker go back a long way.  They stood shoulder to shoulder a long time ago……

So this was our start to the process of us creating a game around the fluff and to be honest, with every player having played WFRP at some point of time it suited us all.  So as stated above tomorrows post will bring you the fully developed background for the game.

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