Friday, 27 April 2012

Sister's Repentia - Reload

Painting the base colours. I used Regal Blue mixed with black, a non GW silver, Bleached Bone and Bronzed Flesh. For shading; I left the blue as it was having used quite a dark mix for the base, Black ink on the silver (I’m not happy with the result so I will be re doing the base on it. The Bleached bone cloth areas had a watered down dark brown and the flesh was reapplied with Bronzed flesh again.
First stages of highlighting for the blue I used a mix of Ultramarines Blue and Enchanted blue, applying a second mix with more Enchanted blue. I just touched around the edges of the corset where my eyes and finer touch were able to co-ordinate. The liturgy cloth areas and parchment were highlighted with Bleached bone and a brown mix, adding more Bleached bone and then adding Almond and White into the mixes.
There’s still detailing and touching up needed. I will post the finished model in the near future. Trevdog.

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