Sunday, 31 December 2017

Showcase - Magnus the Red Demon Primarch - Lords of Reaping 2017

Hi All,

First off Happy New Year or very nearly to you all.....

Finally got round to my lords of reaping post.  Magnus the Red himself.  

"If I am guilty of something it is the simple pursuit of painting knowledge!"

He was painted using scale 75 paints which I cannot recommend more highly.  The model also allowed me to play with skin blending using the airbrush for the first time.  Alongside this I experimented with the use of Nihilakh oxide over white and cream which gave a nice finish to the loin cloth.  

Overall I am very happy with him and will share pictures of his thousand sons brethren at a later date.

Right picture fest time.... and I mean picture fest time as I had a play with the camera settings to see how it would turn out.  Please let me know what you think of my Magnus?

Ok this doesn't show you much but I liked the style and horror it creates in black and white!

Enjoy the new year celebrations



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  1. Stunning stuff my friend and such a level up on your previous work. I love the braveness to tackle so many new things at once. Also thanks for putting me on to scale 75 cause that paint is the bomb.