Friday, 1 December 2017

Code40k's Annual December Blog Event Lords a Reaping 2017

Hello All

Welcome to the launch post for our annual December blog event.  This is our 5th year running a December event and coming up with a good pun each year seems to get harder.  Anyway this years award for top pun -ditry goes to Gumby for coming up with Lords a Reaping a blog event all about big things, 'Lords of War'. 

This should hopefully mean CODE40k members working on and posting up stuff all about lords of war. 

As for me I shall be tackling my re paint on my baneblade complete with some OSL.  As usual in early January I will write up a summary post to share all our final efforts and name / shame those who have FAILED!

To get you in the mood here is a trip down memory lane with our December blog events complete with some links:

2013 Dreadful December - This was all about the dreads for the first year see our efforts here
2014 Forgemas - This was all about getting those forgeworld units on the table with this year being dominated by Boss Bludtoofs gorgeous ? see here (which actually wasn't finished till the end of feb but what the heck!)

2015 Ho Ho Ho Horus Heresy - This featured a lot of well painted heresy characters check it all out here

2016 Dismember December - A change for last year as we all went for painting the free slaughter priest mini.  Check them out here

So what does the 2017 picture look like?  well drum roll.....

If anybody out there in blogosphere or the real world wants to join in then please do paint up and share your efforts via our facebook page.  I will then share your blog / link in the final post.

Thats all folks......



  1. I know full well I'd be on that shaming list if I agreed to this, thankfully the one Lord of War I have to do is so far away from painting its not even tempting. On top of that I'm trying to deal with what I need for the 40k GT3.
    Good luck to those that take part though.

    1. Thanks Dave, also made me think I shall broadcast a little earlier next year to allow more people to take part should they wish to!