Monday, 11 December 2017

Lords a Reaping 17; Questoris Knight Magaera, a bit more wip....

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a quick update on the progress of my Knight Magaera, I've now taken most of the sub assemblies to the point where I need to put down the iconography.

I've also made my second ever attempt at osl; the first being fairly unsuccessful. Big shout out to the other code boys for their advice on this .


1st two pics are before the advice from the boys, then there's 3 pics of my further work and the final pic is with a yellow glaze.

I'm pleased and I'm going to try more on this model; the coils on the lightning gun and the plasma fusil..

More pics of the current state....

I'm currently working on the legs, once I've got them to the same state as the rest then I'll do the iconography with transfers and freehand. Then osl and weathering and of course the base, not in that order of course.

More soon



  1. Loving the OSL and the step by step photographs help others trying to achieve a similar affect.