Sunday, 3 December 2017

Lords a Reaping 17; Questoris Knight Magaera

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with my first wip post in our annual winter painting shenanigans; Lords a Reaping!
I'm using this event to motivate me to finish my 2nd Imperial Knight, a Questoris Knight Magaera.
Posts for  my 1st Knight can be found here , here , here , also here , here , and here , here too , another , one more , this one too , almost there , and finally here .

I started this second knight earlier in the year, I spent ages thinking about colour schemes, I knew I wanted skulls and chains, so the build incorporates lots of chains hanging from the chassis and shoulder guards, the skulls will be in the heraldry. Still not sure where that's going yet though.

So as for the colours, I went with a two tone metallic green and purple scheme. I posted a couple of early shots previously but here's the state of play at the mo.....

I'm painting in sub assemblies, here's pics of the bits seperated...

The final green and purple are not what I envisioned originally but I like em, they remind me of the really old GW metallic range from the 90's.
They're mixed from kabalite green and genestealer purple, with vallejo metallic medium and a little thinners.

As ever c&c welcome and stay tuned for more Lords a Reaping throughout December from the other code boys too.


  1. Boss, I am not sure I like the colour scheme personally, although I am sure the execution will be good, and the metallic finish is a nice change. The line highlighting is great and the sneak peak on the facebook page of the OSL is awesome. Good luck dude keep going big project!

    1. Cheers bud. It’s a fun project. I’m enjoying trying new stuff. It’ll be interesting to see how it ends up, once the ice world base is done too. I also am not entirely convinced by the colours as they’ve come out but I’m not going back. There’s still a lot to do, including quite a bit of freehand iconography so the finish may be quite different.