Sunday, 24 December 2017

Lords a Reaping 17 Showcase Baneblade Super Heavy Tank The 19th Dicers!

Hi All,

Not really much in the way of WIP for my entry into Lords of Reaping more of a jump to the end and go tadah.....

Anyway here is my repainted (from a fair few years ago baneblade).  It is painted in my regiment colours of the 19th dicers who still teeter on the edge of being full blown renegade guard.  To the point where some of them daub out there aquilla's and favour the 8 point star.  Sounds heretical I hear you cry well maybe...

Anyway really enjoyed bringing this up a level to match my current force.  Hopefully now it will see action in the Cypra Incident.  In fact we have a whole mission planned around it later in the campaign.  Anyway enough babble SHOWCASE already.

As always comments are welcome

Cheers and have a good Christmas all

Doc Out

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