Sunday, 26 November 2017

Enter the realm of nightmares

Hmmmmmm, oh dear oh dear. 

For those of you who know me, you will know I’m a big GW fanboy - 40K specifically, I love the miniatures, the setting, the lore, the stories, the game, everything about it is everything I love in this hobby.

Now, that said, there is one company, one game that I love more.

Kingdom Death. 

Ever since I first saw the miniatures i was hooked - captivated by the baroque horror style and sheer depraved madness of the monsters and in love with the bleak frailty of the survivors.

Im sure I’ve posted about KD before but with them recently having launched the 1.5 update kickstarter my excitement has once again flared to critical levels. I have previously painted a couple of the starting survivors and the games starting enemy the White Lion so decided to pull my finger out and set about finishing the starting models giving me acces to the games first 3 or 4 game years minis all painted up. As I said at the start, these are my favourite miniatures I own so doing them justice is very important to me. 


As you can see, nothing is ever standard with the monsters of this twisted realm, from the oddly human hands of the White Lion to the giant gapping maw on the Screaming Antellopes stomach. With very little in the way of coloured art work to go on its really up to each individual how to colour their nightmares.

And speaking of nightmares, very little tortures the fractured minds of those unfortunate enough to have glimpsed him than the Slenderman.
I’ve slowed down the amount of work I’ve been willing to do for commission of late because I have been trying to improve my skills as a minature painter and thus having more time to focus on my own work I’ve been trying to flex my own muscles and push myself (see my Belasarias Cawl post) so decided the Slenderman was a perfect chance to push myself once again and see what I could do. 

Now, recently a lot of the Code attended a good fun days 40k gaming run by the guys over at 6Up Save (which once we get hold of some pics we shall do a write up about...) and I was incredibly humbled to take the publics vote for Best Painted army and as a prize was given a set of the Scale 75 paints. 
Deciding to try these out on the Slenderman was a very  fun (albeit expensive) experience as I fell instantly in love with the super mat finish given by these paints. So much in love that I had to nip out a few days later and grab a couple more sets!

Anyway - here is what I managed to achieve, the pictures are not the best but hopefully you get the idea...

I’m really happy with how he come out, enjoyed painting him immensely.
Might have also gotten a little excited with the Black Friday sales on the Kingdom Death webpage and purchased a few more bits to try my hand at.....

Now if I can only get 3 other people to sit down for a game I might actually be able to use them!!!

As ever, thanks so much for reading my hobby waffle and please comment below with your thoughts!

Until next time :)


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  1. This stuff is great but weird looking. It must be nice to paint something completely different and for a game that plays really well!