Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Imperial Regiment the 19th Dicers - More Reinforcements WIP - Returning to the Cypra Incident

Morning All,

I have been busy preparing for my game with boss bludtoof and beyond that Skirmish 3 tournament with the 19th Dicers.  I cannot emphasise how much I love this army!  I have tried to recycle many models as part of this process also bringing old stuff back to life is quite satisfying after all.

For this game with Boss I needed to finish the Basilisk, Valkyrie and some additional infantry....  As it happened I didnt quite get there but here is some work in progress stuff and this post will be followed by some showcase posts of completed models.


Simple first pic built and base-coated as it turns out my initial build in terms of weapons was wrong but more on that in a future post.

I like to pre-shade all the 19th tanks using medium brown it gives the red some additional depth and shading and really doesn't take too long.

This was an early state of play shot which at the time I was also aiming for the 3 leman russes which I quite quickly realised was out of reach.

All the base colours down and shaded along with the transfers on.  This shot is pre weathering.

Close in cockpit shot showing kill naming and highlighted lascannon again pre weathering.

Big shout out to Dark Bristles for a series of washes technique which gives you a burnt out effect.  Love the final effect thanks bert!

WIP shot of the Basilisk with blocked out colours.  The interesting fact is this is a complete rescue I have painted this tank 3 times before in my youth.  Its not the best constructed tank and I couldn't get all the paint off however, I think I will end up with a pretty good result.

This is just some weapon swaps and an additional shotgunner for the vets.

The only completed models in this post including the WIP shotgunner from above.  Also another example of me making use of my years in the hobby as the meltagun model is an old orlock leader model from necromunda.  I thought he would be nice as an alternative figure.

Making progress on the hobby season goals so here is a stamp hoorah....

As you can see plenty of juggling go on here look forward to showing off the completed Valkyrie and Basilisk soon.


DOC out.........................