Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Dreadtober - Bjorn Again

No not them :)

As promised I found a better camera

The last of the Company of Russ

When your the oldest living Space Marine and watched Prospero burn I think you deserve a bit of bling, I did some conversions to him too - He stands slightly taller then other Dreads and as you can make out I bent his leg and remodelled his CC arm to a slightly more active pose then a normal Dread.

With his bodyguards they'll make a fairly nasty Vanguard Detachment and because hes a character with only 8 wounds he can't be targeted easily :D

Cheers and Thanks for all the kind comments


  1. Great work buddy, he looks awesome ! Really cool collection of ancients you have there :)

  2. Nice one, these are a great trio of dreads