Friday, 26 April 2013

Code 40K is Proud to Present Worcester War 2013

Hi All,

Doc here with some news.......................

So we will be running our first event Worcester War 2013 on the 29th June!!!!

We have run many internal events here at code 40k but we have decided to dip our toe in the water and run a small one day 40k event.  Our event will give up to 20 players in Worcester / Midlands area the chance to play 3 games of 40k at a 1500pt level.  We will play 3 different missions throughout the day.

So no doubt you have questions and hopefully we have peaked your interest please look at the event pack here:

and the google image of the site here:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

We look forward to you helping us make Worcester War a success. 

The Code40K Team.


  1. Looking forward to the event. I best get practicing.

  2. Cool thanks for joining us...Yes I did last night! What about painting is that all done?


    1. no worries. Painting is getting there, will be purchasing a new figure end of May so that will have to be built and painted, but almost ready. Just got to get in the practice games in.