Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Thunderbolts from the Skies

Hi All

With SvaXIII done and dusted I can now concentrate on my next tournament, a one day affair organised by Doc and others from the code. This will comprise 3 games at 1500pt with all comers and using the "Swis System".
I'm going back to my Marine Drop pod list for this as it gives me an incentive to paint up at least a couple more pods and my Sternguard finally.
I've squeezed a suprising amount into 1500pt; 41 marines and 4 pods to be exact. Once it's all done I'll post piccies of the complete force, for now though you can see here the latest addition; a squad of 5 vanguard veterans with jump packs and power weapons..........


  1. Stunning as usual boss. Looks like I will have to take something other than my pods to the mini tournament. Don't forget your locator beacons on the pods so when the vanguard turn up they land where you want them to.

  2. Take no offence to the following ad absolutely none is meant, but for such a simple paint scheme that is superb and beautiful! I shall certainly be looking forward to the rest! Good job!!